Q. You say that you were awarded a distinction in your MSc. What is a distinction?
A. A distinction is a distinctly UK term for saying that I belonged in the top percentile of my batch. Getting a distinction was very special for me because I was late in arriving to UK due to Visa issues and missed a couple of weeks of the first term. These weeks also included a lab test which explains the ridiculously low marks I got in Laboratory and Laboratory tests. However, I was able to recover and get enough grades in the coursework, written exams and projects to make up for my loss.

Q. Why are all of your papers published in a single, unheard-of conference?
A. Guilty as charged. Another clause in my MSc scholarship gives local conferences in Pakistan the "right of first rejection" on my papers. IBCAST is as good as it gets here. However, they never reject any of my papers. As a result, I have not been able to publish at reputable conferences abroad.