Maximum Marks: 10

Submission Deadline: Start of first term exam


I am getting a few emails saying that you guys are having problems with submitting your assignments via gmail. Please do not submit your assignments. The plan is to have presentation session in the first lecture after your exams. You will have to show your code as well as a demo in this session. This way the knowledge gained during this exercise will be shared. Naturally, the deadline has been extended to the first lecture after the exams.


Your mission, should you choose to accept is to develop a Computer Vision app that given an image of a Polygon, returns the number of sides, the area and the parimeter.

This Wikipedia article on polygons is promising and may provide useful hints.

You may choose any programming environment of your choice but the output of the program must comply to the following semantic rules:

assignment1.exe <image_name>
Sides: <Number_of_sides_detected>
Area: <Area_in_number_of_pixels>
Parameter: <Parameter_in_number_of_pixels>

You may use the following images for testing. However, I can throw ANY polygon at your program.

external image 1-polygon-examples.gif

Please note that the test images will contain a single Polygon. However, there are bonus marks if your program can handle images that contain multiple Polygons like the one shown above.