Welcome to me Wiki!

I created this website to interact with my students that are involved with my projects or enrolled in the courses. With time however, I started getting interest from people in the industry as well as some 'innocent bystanders'. This Wiki is home to their interaction.




It is FYP season again and I am being approached by students to discuss project ideas. Please use this page for discussing potential ideas. This way you will be able to interact with myself, selected faculty members and people from the industry as well any interested party over the web.

Past Projects

  • Accelerating the SPEC benchmark suite using CUDA. This was back in the days when GPUs could only do single precision floats. Many SPEC programs used double precision floats and therefore the speed-up numbers were not very publishable. Getting my mutts on a present-day GPU and redoing this remains high on my to-do list.
  • 3S is a program instrumentation framework comprising 300 lines of Pythton. I wrote several useful tools for this when I was at Imperial.
  • Driver drowsiness detection (I am not doing a Zorro in the picture)


  • A. Zaidi, A. Raza and M. Umair, “GPUX: A tool-chain for porting legacy application to GPGPU”, 8th IEEE-IBCAST (pdf)
  • M. Umair , A. Zaidi and A. Raza, “Comparative analysis of FFBP-NN and GRNN with its implementation in target recognition applications”, 8th IEEE-IBCAST (pdf)
  • A. Raza, A. Zaidi and M. Umair, “Comparative analysis of dimension reduction techniques for classification of radar returns from Ionosphere using a model based on machine learning techniques”, 8th IEEE-IBCAST (pdf)
  • A. Raza, A. Zaidi and Z. Nazir, “Intelligent target learning and recognition using Neural Networks”, 7th IEEE-IBCAST, Jan 2010 (pdf)

Poster Presentation

  • A. Zaidi, “FPGA based Drowsy Driver Detection”, Poster presentation, Departmental Research Day, Imperial College, Dec 2007

Grant Proposal

  • A. Zaidi, A. Mustafa, J. Boutros, O. Mencer, S. Savari, “Investigation of Graph Mining techniques for analysis, and partitioning of compute-intensive applications as well as circuit minimization for subsequent synthesis of FPGA accelerators”, QNRF Grant Proposal, Oct 2008 (pdf)


  • A. Zaidi, “Acceleration of Compute Intensive Applications using Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)”, MSc Dissertation, Imperial College, 2007 (pdf)
  • A. Zaidi, “Towards automated extraction & hardware acceleration of performance critical program blocks – Preliminary experiments with SPEC benchmark suite”, MSc ISO (Independent Study Option) report, Imperial College, 2007 (pdf)
  • A. Zaidi, “Configurable Computing for Real-time Data: Performance Analysis”, MSc ISO (Independent Study Option) report, Imperial College, 2007 (pdf)


Et Cetera

  • Why a Wiki and not a Blog? Answer is here.
  • What's the point in PowerPoint? Check out Jessyink